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Pediatric Dentistry - Denver, CO

Extra Gentle Dentistry for Children

First Visits and Beyond

Dr. Heather Stamm and our team recommend that you bring your child for their first dental visit just before their second birthday. To make the new experience as easy as possible on your child, we keep their initial visit brief. This is what we call a happy visit! We may ask you to sit in the dental chair and hold your child during the exam to help them adjust to the new people, sights, sounds, and experiences. At some point, we may also ask you to wait in the reception area so we can start to build a relationship with your child. You may even be able to have your own dental visit at the same time, schedule-permitting.

As your home for family dentistry and pediatric dentistry in Denver, CO, we offer comprehensive dental services. During your child’s first visit we’ll gently examine their teeth and gums. We may also take x-rays to look for signs of decay and monitor the progress of your child’s permanent (adult) teeth underneath the gums. In addition, we may clean their teeth and apply topical fluoride to help prevent tooth decay. As home care and cavity prevention (more below) are critical to good dental health for all ages, we’ll check to make sure your child is getting the fluoride they need on a daily basis and walk you through how to effectively clean and care for their teeth.

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Featured Pediatric Dentistry Services

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Avoiding Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, which leads to cavities, is the beginning stage of many dental health issues. Avoiding it from the earliest age is key to keeping your children’s teeth healthy. Encourage them to brush, floss, and rinse as regularly as we recommend. Limit their intake of sugary foods and drinks as well. Read product labels carefully—you might be surprised which snacks and juices that are marketed for children are high in sugar. Give them nutritious snacks and make sure their diet includes plenty of calcium to keep their teeth strong. By following these guidelines and choosing a proven pediatric dentistry practice like ours you can protect your kids’ dental health for a lifetime!

Freedom to Eat and Speak Normally

Some children suffer from a condition called “tongue-tie,” in which the slender piece of tissue that anchors their tongue to the floor of their mouth is either too thick, tight, or short to allow natural mouth movement. In infants this can cause breastfeeding issues and lead to nutritional deficiencies and speech difficulties later on. We can eliminate a tongue-tie and allow your child to develop unhindered by removing that restrictive tissue—known as a frenulum. Using our minimally invasive laser technology we can perform a frenectomy in just 15 minutes with no pain and minimal bleeding.

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