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Full Mouth Dental Implants - Denver, CO

No Teeth One Day, Full Smile the Next

Transform Your Quality of Life

Having no healthy teeth left in your mouth means a life of limitations and frustration. You avoid speaking, smiling, and laughing out of embarrassment. You have no choice but to eat only soft foods. You lose your self-confidence. But there is a way you can overcome all of those issues with a full set of healthy, strong teeth again. With full mouth dental implants in Denver, CO, you can live a fulfilling life again. Besides a full set of teeth, isn’t that what you truly want and need?

We’re not a conventional dental practice. We believe in providing whole-body dentistry. Our mission is to create a healthier, happier, more self-confident you through comprehensive and expanded dental care. With full mouth dental implants, we aim not only to restore your teeth but to transform your quality of life. Our founder, Dr. Heather Stamm, has been doing that for nearly two decades. Trained by some of the top implant education institutions—Spear® Education, Kois Center®, and The Dawson Academy—she guides our whole-body dentistry team to produce consistently positive results in the form of happy, healthy smiles.

How Will Full Mouth Dental Implants Look?

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Full Mouth Restoration Options

We provide several treatment options to recreate your complete smile. Dentures are a longstanding and economical way for us to restore your teeth. These adhere to your gums through suction or an adhesive gel. Upper dentures stay in place in part with a false palate, though this can limit the taste and tactile sensations of eating food. Implant supported dentures, another option, are secured to your jaw with dental implants. They won’t come loose or irritate your gums the way traditional dentures can. In terms of lasting fit and performance, however, the best overall solution for complete tooth loss is full mouth dental implants.

  • Removable Dentures
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  • Implant Supported Dentures
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  • Full Mouth Dental Implants

Three Stages of Full Smile Restoration

Stage 1: Personalized Consultation, Exam, and Preparation

We’ll discuss full mouth dental implants and your other tooth replacement options during your free, personalized consultation. This will give our team a chance to learn what your wants, needs, and goals are for your new smile. During this visit we also conduct a comprehensive dental exam to fully assess your dental condition, which extends beyond the teeth to the jaws. Detailed 3D images of your mouth, captured with our low-radiation cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner, allow us to begin planning out your treatment.

Guided implant placement technology is another invaluable tool in the planning stage and beyond. With special software, we can perform a virtual placement procedure in advance of the real one. This will enable us to identify any potential issues and address them beforehand. A key component of guided implant placement is the customized surgical guide. We have these made for you from the information we collect during your examination and imaging. When it comes time to do the placement procedure, we’ll be able to place the implants at the exact position and angle of insertion necessary for a comfortable, lasting fit! With planning complete, we’ll schedule your procedure for the next visit.

Stage 2: Dental Implant Placement and Next-Day Restoration

We start every dental implant placement procedure by making you comfortable with our sedation options, which include oral sedation and nitrous oxide (also called “laughing gas”). These will enable you to stay relaxed and pain-free for your treatment. If you still have some remaining unhealthy teeth in your mouth, we can also perform tooth extractions at that time. Likewise, if your jawbone has receded due to your tooth loss—a common complication—we can rebuild it with bone grafting before continuing on to implant placement.

The first step in placement is fitting your surgical guides over your gums—one guide on each arch. The guides have holes in specific positions that show us precisely where to place your implants. These guides essentially make the process foolproof. We put top-quality implants from leading manufacturer BioHorizons® into your jawbone through these holes. In most cases, we’re also able to secure a bridge of temporary new teeth in the same day. These new teeth give you a complete and functional smile while you heal!

Stage 3: Final Restorations and a Fulfilling Life

After placement of full mouth dental implants your gums and jaw may take four or more months to heal fully. Your temporary restorations will enable you to eat and undertake other normal daily activities during that time. Once your implants have fully fused with your jawbone, your healing will be considered complete. You’ll then be able to return here for your final restorations. While many dentists place OR restore dental implants, we do both in one convenient location. You won’t have to go anywhere else! You’ll leave our office that day with your smile and your confidence restored, ready to enjoy conversations, laughter, and satisfying, nutritious meals again without any concerns!

A Full Smile Is Affordable!

We sincerely want you to experience all the benefits that full mouth dental implants can provide. Having them helps protect your overall systemic health and emotional health as well. They’re not just a new set of teeth! As the foremost practitioners of whole-body dentistry, we’re dedicated to healing all of you. To make a full, healthy smile a reality for you, we work with major third-party financing companies including CareCredit®, LendingPoint, and Compassionate Finance™. For your convenience, we also offer in-house payment plans. Talk to us and you’ll see just how affordable full mouth dental implants in Denver, CO can be!

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