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Meet Dr. Chrissy Stamm-Christian

Dr. Chrissy Stamm-Christian

Chrissy Stamm-Christian, DC

I fell in love with chiropractic and wellness as a patient while attending University of Arizona. I was on the dance team there and injured my back and could barely walk, so I finally decided to take a chance on chiropractic. I had been told as a child never to see a chiropractor because of my scoliosis by my Pediatric Orthopedic, so I was scared to try it. I wore a spinal brace from 5th grade to 9th grade and was living with daily back pain at that point. I felt immediate relief after my first chiropractic adjustment. I became a regular patient and could not believe how much it helped my mobility, pain, sleep and even immune function. I began working at the practice as the receptionist and saw firsthand it wasn’t just me getting amazing results. I was inspired and changed my career path from dentistry to chiropractic.

I think having had chronic pain gives me a unique level of understanding and compassion for my patients and what they are going through. I also realize through my own healing journey that chiropractic is just one part of my tools for wellness. Nutrition, proper exercise and stress management have all become passions of mine. I love helping people see that they have the power to make positive changes in their own lives, to add vitality, quality and length to their lives.

I am excited to join my big sister, Dr. Heather Stamm, and truly bring her vision for whole body dentistry to life.

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