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We've been going to Stamm Dental for over 10 years. My wife and I would never go anywhere else. The staff are truly exceptional... I recently finished a 10 month Invisalign treatment and I couldn't be happier with the results. They did an awesome job correcting my bite, and the result is way less grinding my teeth at night and better sleep.
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Dr. Chrissy is the BEST chiropractor I have ever seen. After just 3 sessions, I was feeling a thousand times better than I have in years. She was to help my long standing back and neck issues, my migraines went away, as well as my TMJ.
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I've been going to Stamm Dental well over 10 years. This office does it right, the patient is number one and you feel like family when you are there.
Anne's story
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I’ve been getting my dental care here for 4 years & always feel welcomed and put at ease. Not the easiest task for a dentist! Now I’m also getting excellent chiropractic care here as well from Dr Chrissy ... One stop shopping!
Melissa's Story
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I am very impressed by their professionalism, kindheartedness and talent. TMJ and Tourretts have taken a toll on my teeth and bite. They have walked me through each step necessary to restore my bite and smile making sure that I was informed and comfortable with each procedure. In line with their standard of excellent care, Dr. Chrissy has been a wealth of knowledge and has helped me immensely.

Thank you so much for continuing to refer friends and family and sharing your positive experience.

What To Expect

Looking Beyond Your Smile

We offer more than just dental care here. We consider your nutrition, your oral and overall health habits, and your complete wellness. Patients of all ages are welcome here. From prenatal care to chiropractic services to full mouth dental implants, dentistry is just the start of what we do at Stamm Dental Wellness.

Creating Happy, Healthy, Aligned Community

Happy: We want our patients to be satisfied with our care, our team, our office, our equipment, our expertise and our approach to dental and wellness care for the whole body. 
Healthy: We don’t want to just drill, fill and treat teeth. We want YOU and YOUR FAMILY to be healthy, living with vitality and smiling your inner and outer brightest smile. We are all about the whole picture of your health. 
Aligned: When one is in alignment (physical, mental and emotional), a sense of ease and balance is felt within and often by those around you. We want to align with our patients goals and vision as well as of their smile and body. Here are a few highlights our patient community shared about our integrative dental wellness care with the world of Google.
Full Family Care

Dentistry for All Ages

We’re dedicated to providing every member of your family with comprehensive dental care starting at the age of two and lasting for a lifetime.

Full Mouth Restoration
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A Complete, Healthy Smile

We offer dental implants and other tooth replacement options to restore your confidence and quality of life after tooth loss.

We Make Treatment Attainable

With third-party financing and in-house payment plans available, we make it possible to afford the treatment you need.

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Compassionate Finance

We Do It All for a Healthier You

Stamm Dental Wellness takes a different approach to dentistry. We recognize the connections between your dental health and your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. We understand that gum disease can lead to serious medical issues. How tooth loss can destroy your self-esteem and make daily activities most people take for granted an ongoing challenge. To truly do our jobs, we feel we can’t selectively treat some aspects of health and ignore others. That’s why good nutrition, quality sleep, chiropractic care, and wellness training are essential parts of the comprehensive services we provide. Choose us as your family dentist in Denver, CO if you want much more than healthy teeth!

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Our Signature Services

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Dental Implants

Dental implants don’t just represent new teeth—they represent the chance at a new life where missing teeth never put your health at risk, where you can enjoy all your favorite foods, and where you can laugh and smile with complete confidence. They’re life-changing!

Family Dentistry

Each member of your family has different dental care needs at different stages of their lives. We treat them all right here in a single convenient practice. Come to us for everything from foundational services such as check-ups and cleanings to more complex surgical procedures.

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Whole-Body Health

Your dental health, systemic health, and mental health are all interconnected. Rather than just treat teeth, we strive to create a healthier, happier you starting with good dental care at the core and incorporating your full body and mind.

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You don’t need to wear bulky metal braces to have beautifully aligned teeth. If we determine you need orthodontic treatment, we can fit you for Invisalign invisible braces. These work discreetly with clear plastic aligners instead of metal components.

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